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Product Details

※Slim display of only 14.5 mm

※Large display size 3.8 inches

※Highly reliable by design and tests

※Low power consumption, especially in sleep mode

※Backlight settable in 4 modes

※Waterproof design, IP69

※Comply with EPACCE regulations EN15194


ClassificationModel No.Indication Information

● YES 

-  NO

Type 1DC32Battery Level
Type 2

Type 3-Current Speed 
Type 4-Maximum Speed 
Type 5
-Average Speed
Single Trip Duration
Rated Voltage 24V/36V/48VSingle Trip Distance 
Screen Size2.7''Total Distance 
Installation Sizeφ 22.2/25.4/31.8Error Code 
Display TypeMiddle-TypeLight State
Display AttributionTFT Motor-output Indicator
Support Modes0/1 - 5/7/9Walk assistance
Com. ProtocolUartUSB Port
USB charing USB-Backlight
Operating temperature-20 ~ 60 ℃Bluetooth
IP Level-Unit

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